Got No Sole

The shoes are worn in different ways. The left is worn down past the rubber right on into the cushion. The opposite, meanwhile, is still covered over with rubber. Only the indentations show the wear and tear of five months of running outside. I’m looking at them, and I just start to shake my head. I mean I knew that I wore out sets of shoes differently, but this is ridiculous. On the sides of the left shoe I can still see remnants of tape where I tried a temporary stopgap. One run later the tape was, like so many other well laid plans, in tatters.

Then I go ahead and put them on. Figure I might as well give running a shot. It’s not like I’m not used to compensating for differences between right and left. What’s the worst that can happen? A stress fracture maybe, but at least I would get a swanky hotel stay out of the deal. It’s all about looking on the bright side of life. Sure I’ve got one shoe that’s a little f**ked, but I’ve also got one perfectly good shoe. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

I’m at the stadium. Been walking for about twenty minutes, and it’s all good so long as I avoid rocks. About a third of the stadiums track is loose gravel, but hey what are ya gonna do (shurg)? I walk down the cracked and slightly uneven steps. I do my last stretches, which takes about 30 seconds. Now it’s time to run.

Five minutes in and everything feels alright. I’ve managed to find a good rhythm, I like the pace I’m on, and the Steve Miller Band is playing in the background. The left foot doesn’t feel great, but I’ve avoided the rougher patches on the track. I swing on into the next corner with Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” there to carry me through.

Now I’m 35 minutes in, and my left shoe has slid down my list of priorities. Right now it would be really nice if I could just get my breathing back under control. It’s a little cold this evening so of course my lungs don’t want to cooperate. Steven Tyler is wailing away over a Joe Perry riff and I do my best to lock in on the song. Not sure how much I’ve got left to give.

Now the run is over, and I’m listening to Ryan Adams cover Taylor Swift. Life is good. I went for a run today. I didn’t break my foot. I will probably go for a run tomorrow. Live to run another day. That makes for a good day.


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