Aint No Mountain High

There are moments in life where a strange déjà vu may occur. Periods of time which seem at once singular and are yet integrally tied to what came before. Perhaps life is too broad a canvas upon which to paint this picture. I began to make it sound as if I am trying to create a great truth of life. When in truth of fact all I wish to make clear is the quant beauty of life. If it would appear as if my language is overly developed perhaps I am simply in a poetic mood.

I have actually been meaning to write this post for some time now. The original idea sprung from a moment’s singular clarity while riding a Marshrutka.[1] I was vaguely staring out the window when suddenly I was overcome by the feeling that I had been “here” before. The “here” in question being the beautifully barren landscape of southern Kyrgyzstan, which as coincidence would have it is not unlike the Scottish Highlands a place wherein I once took a long bus ride. In the Marshrutka it was as if two disparate portions of my life united into a single cohesive whole. This is not to say that some pattern of life revealed itself to me, but rather that memories of a semester abroad coalesced with more current experiences.

Life as it is happening to you, and in front of you, can be a confusing mishmash of difficult decisions and sudden changes. However, often times when we take a moment to look back what we find is an ordered series of events. A story built upon a set of themes and ideals Time may sand away the jagged edges, leaving us with a few streamlined flashes of knowledge, but that does not discount the “life has a plan” idea. Even if that plan turns out to be of our own making.

The decisions we make come to define us whether we like it or not. The experiences I have as a Peace Corps volunteer will influence me going forward. The same can be said for decisions made years in the past. After all I doubt I would have had the confidence to apply for the Peace Corps if I had not first spent several months living in Scotland. In the grand scheme of things September 2012 to December 2012 is not a long period of time it did, however, contain a great experience(s). One that I am reminded of on long marshrutka[2] rides through the many mountainous passes of Kyrgyzstan.

When it comes right down to it I don’t suppose that this post has much of a purpose. At the start of it I wax poetic about the power of single moments, and at the end I am talking big picture. Then again we are who we are and I am nothing if not prone to digressions[3] I guess all any of us can do is live our lives and hope that the paths we take bring us to where we ultimately desire to be. Even if we did not initially perceive of the desire when we first began the journey. Then again maybe we are all idiots ascribing meaning to a chaos filled existence.[4]

[1] A vehicle not unlike a large cargo van, nor the passengers unlike cargo.

[2] I refuse to spell check that word.

[3] Nature of nurture I wonder…?

[4] It could just be me.


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