Seven Track Demo

Seven Track Demo is intended as an ongoing series of short-ish blog posts. Each entry will feature a breakdown of seven randomly selected songs. The catch being that the songs are selected by and from my “old school” 120 GB iPod. I’ll touch on my personal connection to a song; notable aspects that I find interesting; and where the song fits in the artist’s/genre’s catalog, as a whole.

  1. Diving For Pearls: “Gimme Your Good Lovin’”- I picked up this late 80s hair metal album sometime during high school. I either picked it out of the $1 cd shelf or picked it up for a cool $2.50. The song sort of reminds me of a soft rockin’ Def Leopard. The drums are gated; the guitars have that 80’s reverb sound that Def Lep perfected, along with Mutt Lange; and the vocals are just sort of there. Ultimately the song, as well as the album on the whole, produces some, slick, inoffensive pop rock. I like it, but I’ve never lovin’ it. 80’s production, dude.
  2. KT Tunstall: “If Only”- Overall I’m more of a fan of Tunstall’s debut album. The one that featured “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree.” Still, “If Only” is an enjoyable pop song with some interesting production effects going on in the background. One of my best friends loves Tunstall and this album in particular. That’s probably what I’ll always remember most about “If Only.”
  3. Warren Zevon: “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”- Now here we go! I grabbed this off of a greatest hits collection, I “borrowed” from my dad. This version, of the song, feels just a tiny bit contemplative- if you want to hear a version that sounds, distinctly, unhinged listen to Zevon’s live album, Stand In The Fire– like Zevon is still trying to figure out how he got here. Back in high school this was one of, maybe, three or four songs that I listened to from the album.
  4. The Raconteurs: “Steady As She Goes”- The first single off of Jack White’s first post White Stripes project. Of course, we didn’t know that at the time. Back then it was just a hooky song that I soon got tired of hearing on DC 101. Listening to it now, I can’t help but be impressed and surprised by how good the song sounds. I wouldn’t want to listen to it on repeat, but as part of a larger whole it’s not bad.
  5. Eve 6: “Leech”- Personally, I think that Eve 6 gets unfairly overlooked when people talk about pop punk bands from the turn of the century. I’ll admit that the band isn’t going to win any awards for originality, but damn do they know how to produce a catchy “head nodder” (a “head nodder” being a song that you unconsciously start nodding along to). I remember playing the album; this song comes from, while I was walking between classes.
  6. 3 Doors Down: “When It’s Over”- Another band that gets a bad wrap for not expanding upon their basic sound. “When It’s Over” comes from the band’s fourth album. Solid mid-tempo, post grunge, style number. The group stays in their lane, and it works for me. I remember walking along the Assateague beach, on the Maryland coast, and listening to “When It’s Over and the accompanying album.
  7. Social Distortion: “Mass Hysteria”- I’m glad that my iPod gave me a live track to talk about. A side question but with the improvements in portable recording technology why doesn’t every band have a live album in their catalog? “Mass Hysteria” is a great example of a band using the live setting to highlight a song that might, otherwise, get lost in the shuffle (no apologies for the pun). Off the top of my head, I’m fairly certain that Social D is a three-piece band. Here, they sound tight and in the groove. “Mass Hysteria” isn’t one of my favorite Social Distortion tacks, but this live take (off of Live At The Roxy) makes me want to reconsider. Stop and appreciate the fact that the band left in the crowd noise throughout the entirety of the track. Some bands will just fade it in and out.

Post Listen: This was a lot of fun to write. I enjoyed the randomness aspect of putting it together. For anyone who is curious, out of the seven, my favorite song is Zevon’s “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.” My least favorite song is, probably, “Gimme Your Good Lovin’” by Diving For Pearls, but only because it sounds like a derivative version of better songs. Oh and on a sonic note, I listened to all of the songs over headphones.

P.S. Constructive feedback or just comments, in general, would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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